Rome, Italy, 20-22 January 2020

PPRD South held its 2nd high level workshop, the 20-22 January 2020, on how to work with the European civil protection mechanism (UCPM) for preventing, preparing and managing major emergencies.

Countries outside the EU can indeed to a certain extend ask the Mechanism to intervene during a disaster. Participants from Algeria, Israël, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia worked these 3 days with representatives from the Italian and the French civil protection on how to sollicitate this tool. To that end, EU modules such as firefighting with planes or advanced medical post, were presented together with good practices from the mediterranean region.

Testing the national procedures

A video conference with the Emergency Response Coordination Center in Brussels has also been organised. This is where all the tools for monitoring floods, fires, marine pollution and any anormal phenomenom are concentrated. In addition, a table-top exercise allowed the participants to test their national procedures in the context of a UCPM request.

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