Double workshop in Tunis

PPRD South 3 organised two sub-regional workshops simultaneously in Tunis, 25-27 February 2020, with Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

The first workshop was about how to activate the European Mechanism for civil protection. Indeed, non-EU members have access to the mechanism if its national capacities are exceeded. But to that end, countries need to know how to activate it but also how to welcome the aid received, this is what explained David Caballos Villar and the Commandant Stéphane Poyau, Spanich and French experts called to lead this workshop.

The 2nd workshop was dedicated to disaster risk reduction about floods. A concrete case-study was given to the participants with a river that takes its source in Algeria and continues in Tunisia. Indeed, regularly, heavy rains in Algeria create floods in Tunisia. Cooperation is therefore in that case a major prevention and response tool. The Lieutenant-Colonel Philippe Mondet, external expert for PPRD South 3, guided the participants in these regional simulation exercises.

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