Since the coronavirus led to global lockdown with borders closed and extremely restricted social exchanges, the regular implementation of PPRD South III activities, which consists of gathering representatives of the civil protection services in the MENA region to work together on a specific and concrete topic, was no longer possible. The unexpected length of this difficult situation, that goes far beyond the end of the lockdown since no back to normal situation is foreseen before September 2020 at the earliest, led PPRD South III team to envisage new ways of interacting, remotely, with its partners. A nine months break in this relationship would have had serious and probably irrecoverable consequences, while cooperation between EU and the partner countries but also among them, is at the heart of the project. This is why, in order to continue working with its partners, PPRD South III team has designed online sessions to cover the covid19 period, estimated to last until the end of September 2020. From mid-March to end of June 2020, PPRD South III built a new process as follows:

1. Extracting from work plan the activities which could be done totally or partially online;

2. Analysing, testing and choosing the different tools needed;

3. Adapting the work plan to the new format;

4. Finding and giving directives to STEs able to work online;

5. Providing the partner country NFPs with the necessary information.


Only activities from the first (prevention) and the third (volunteerism & communication) components, with the support of the Component 2 coordinator (preparedness) can be ran online.

a. Activities which can be fully done on-line:

  • Component 1:

Act.1.1.2 Assessment missions in the Partner Countries to identify risk hotspots, involved players and the scope and the approach of national/sub-regional actions.

Online session: “Assessment and Planning Meeting with Algerian DRM players”.

Act.1.1.3 Technical assistance missions to support risk assessment and mapping activities.

Online session: “Development of the IT risk assessment tool”.

Online session: “5 national training workshops on the use of the IT tool”.

Act. 1.2.3 Development of a flood risk monitoring and mapping tool/installation in interested countries/training and technical assistance for the setup of Early Warning Systems for floods.

Online session: “3 technical trainings on the development and use of DEWETRA”

b. Activities which can be partially done on-line

  • Component 1

Act.1.1.3 Technical assistance missions to support risk assessment and mapping activities LINKED WITH C2.

Online session: “Sub-regional training workshop on earthquake risk management in the Middle East” with support C2 and C3 coordinators.

Act.1.2.4 Sub-regional WS on emergency planning and regional workshop to compare activities'

Online session expected, topic to be fine tune with SPCs.

  • Component 3

Act.3.1.2 Sub regional and/or national contextualisation workshop on communication programmes / tools

Online session: “VOST workshop2 final days of practice” with the support of C1 and C2 coordinators.

Act.3.2.2 Sub regional or national workshops on volunteerism.

Online sessions: 3 workshops planned and to be confirmed by SPCs. They will be done with the support of C1 and C2 coordinators.

These workshops will be organized as follow:

• - workshop on Legal basis and insurance including law, rules, conduct, management

• - workshop on deployment and dispatch including protocols

• - workshop on Training and recruitment, including prevention

Act.3.3.1. National workshop to foster first aid trainings for women with possible collaboration with a civil society organization.

Online session topic & schedule to be defined with SPCs


1. Between NFPs and PPRD South III team:

Zoom meeting every two weeks: one in French with French speaking NFPS, one in English with English speaking ones.  An email with the link to the Zoom meeting will be sent before each meeting.

The aim is to:

- maintain and/or relaunch exchanges between NFPs,

- share an update on the evolution of the situation in each SPCs in order to better fine-tune its impact on the relaunch of the activities on site as well as the travelling conditions set by each SPCs.

- define with the SPCs the conditions and topics that could be delivered on line.

2. For the SPOC (Small Private Online Course) sessions:

The process is the same as the one used for face-to-face workshops except that the session will be online. This format allows to nominate maximum 5 participants per country instead of 2 as for the field workshops.

Each NFP is invited to choose the participants for the online session in accordance with the Term of Reference of the activity.

As from that moment the participant is contacted by the team, he/she is allowed to start with the SPOC and he/she will have a defined period (e.g. one month) to complete all the lessons in the platform. Several functionalities are available (e.g. forum for questions) and the coordinator in charge will reply to any doubt or requirement that participants may have and ensure the follow-up.


Component 1: 2 online sessions have been organized in July and the next ones will be launched starting from September 2020.

Component3: online sessions will be launched in September 2020. The content is currently being developed by short terms experts and supervised by the Component 3 coordinators.

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