Presentation of DEWETRA system to Algeria

Presentation of DEWETRA system to Algeria

After a long brainstorming led by an internal think tank and an adaptation of its work plan, PPRD South 3 decided to transfer online the activities which could be transformed.

The first online activity of PPRD Sud 3 took place this July 8th, in parallel of virtual bi-monthly meetings with the national focal points of its partner countries. It brought together representatives of Algerian institutions, including Algerian Civil Protection and experts from the Directorate of Italian Civil Protection and the Italian Research Institute CIMA *.

The meeting focused on the DEWETRA system. DEWETRA is an warning system which based on the four pilars identified by Sendai framework: knowledge of the risks, monitoring, analysis and forecasting of disasters, communication and the capacity of public and private organizations to respond to calls. This tool concentrates in a single system all the information related to the various risks (fires, floods etc.) and allows also a real-time exchange of data, while respecting the ownership of the information.

A presentation of myDEWETRA was made as well as a demonstration of the services available on the basis of Algerian scenarios such as the rains and floods between Algeria and Tunisia which took place from August 27 to September 1, 2019 and the forest fires that occurred in August 2017. A technical/operational/administrative framework has been proposed to develop national capacities to work with such a tool at inter-institutional level so as to initiate the development of shared risk monitoring and early warning system capacities for flood and forest fires.

* The CIMA foundation is a research center bringing together the Italian Civil Protection and the University of Genoa. Its mandate is to assist the Italian Civil Protection with scientific and technical support in disaster management.

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