Test for the training on crisis management

In the framework of the PPRD SOUTH 3 project, a pre-test of activity 2.3.2 "definition of procedures for a better management of large-scale disasters" took place online on 11 March 2021 from the IMREDD in Nice. It was led by a team of 5 French experts and animated by an operational room (action cell + planning cell) from each of the four player countries.

This IMPACT videoconference brought together 29 participants from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and France. IMPACT (Instant Management of Planning ACTion) is an immersive "serious game" for accelerated learning through skills. Designed by Lieutenant-Colonel Frédéric Castagnola (SDIS 06), it enables participants to gain a better understanding of risk (shared by the players) and of decision-making under uncertainty in the face of simulated disasters in different types of scenarios.While one of the player countries scenarios the crisis, another manages it in real time. The participants had to control their stress and adapt continuously to reach the expected resilience objectives, and call for international assistance in accordance with the European crisis management mechanism.

5 hours of immersion in videoconference produced 4 exercises:1: Flash flooding / 20 victims. 2: Chlorine leak in an urban area / 40 victims.3: Major explosion of ammonium nitrate / several hundred victims. 4: Earthquake of 7.8 Richter, followed by a 3 metre high tsunami / several hundred victims.

This pre-test allowed the integration of lessons learned for the French-speaking online session organised during 4 days, from 22 to 25 March 2021, for the benefit of the same countries and based on 16 major crises. It will be followed in May by a second session for the English-speaking countries involved in the PPRD South 3 programme.

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