PPRD South 3 finalised the regional guidelines document on civil protection planning

PPRD South 3 has now finalised its "Regional Guidelines document on Civil Protection Planning" and has been presented to interested Partner Countries on the 30th of March during a Regional online workshop.

As highlighted during the workshop in September 2020, this Guidelines document builds upon the Italian experience and organisation of civil protection. In particular it builds on the concept that civil protection includes all those activities undertaken to protect human life, property, animals, settlements and the environment from the damage or from the danger of damage caused by disasters.

In this sense civil protection is to be considered a "service" to be provided to the country through a complex and comprehensive system which includes multiple actors. It is not a task assigned to a single administration.

In this framework, civil protection activities include risk information management, early warning systems, risk mitigation, risk prevention, emergency planning and emergency response; and a "Civil Protection Plan" is a tool which defines the organisation modalities of the inter-institutional structure required to implement those civil protection activities.

Therefore "Civil Protection Planning" does not only mean organising the action of civil protection operators to intervene when there is an emergency. A plan is a tool that serves to increase awareness of the risk in “ordinary times”, to organize the pooling of resources, to "build" skills and professionalism, and to guarantee the link between different administrations and authorities.

Taking into account the rapidly evolving risk profile of our region, we consider important making available to interested Partner Countries the planning tools and methods developed in Italy.

The Guidelines Document is general enough to be applicable to all different national disaster risk management frameworks. Yet it requires an adaptation and declination effort to become relevant and consistent. PPRD South 3 will be available until the end of the project to support partner countries'adaptation and declination efforts.

Following the presentation of the "overall guidelines document" a practical activity for declining it for two specific major risks: earthquakes and floods has been organised, splitted into national working groups.

An earthquake risk scenario has been proposed and the national working groups had to prepare an "earthquake civil protection plan" to cope with the proposed scenario. The same has been done for floods.

Each practical "declination activity" will take some three weeks. Two online meetings will allow interested Partner Countries to present results of their initial declination effort.

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