PPRD SOUTH 3 guidelines on Host Nation Support

PPRD South 3 has released guidelines on how to set up a Host Nation Support. You can download them here

How to set up a host nation support plan through a check list of what to do

In the framework of its activities to develop Partner Countries' capacities for working with international cooperation during large scale disasters and in particular with the Union Civil Protection Mechanism and its disaster response capacities, PPRD South 3 has drafted this Guidelines document to support Partner Countries in the preparation of a national Host Nation Support (HNS) Plan. “Host Nation Support implies all actions undertaken in the preparedness phase and the disaster response management … in order to remove as much as possible any foreseeable obstacle to international assistance so as to ensure that disaster response operations proceed smoothly.”
Host Nation Support (HNS) activities, in order to be effective, should be planned in peacetime, endorsed by the National Emergency Management Authority, and organized in a document (HNS plan) with legal validity.The HNS plan is a mutual "operational" agreement between the different actors involved or possibly involved, in case of major disaster/emergency, in the management of international civil protection assistance and it should reflect the specific peculiarities of a Country in terms of physical, administrative, social and economic organization. This document has been introduced to interested Partner Countries during a series of national meetings organized in March-April 2021. Some countries are now working on their draft HNS Plan which will be tested on the background of a simulated disaster scenario during a practical online workshop on 22-23 June 2021.

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