Regional guidelines on civil protection planning

This Guidelines document builds upon the Italian experience and organisation of civil protection. In particular it builds on the concept that civil protection includes all those activities undertaken to protect human life, property, animals, settlements and the environment from the damage or from the danger of damage caused by natural hazards.In this sense civil protection is to be considered a "service" to be provided to the country through a complex and comprehensive system which includes multiple actors. Civil Protection is not a task assigned to a single administration.In this framework, civil protection activities include risk information management, early warning systems, risk mitigation, risk prevention, emergency planning and emergency response; and a "Civil Protection Plan" is a tool which defines the organisation modalities of the inter-institutional structure required to implement those civil protection activities. The Guidelines document has been introduced to PPRD South 3 Partner Countries on 30 March 2021. Partner Countries highlighted that although the inter-institutional collaboration and coordination in disaster risk management is mostly accepted, it is being declined in different manners according to the national institutional framework and risk profile. In this respect PPRD South 3 started a collaborative work aimed at illustrating the different approaches adopted by the PPRD South 3 Partner Countries for for developing inter-institutional disaster preparedness plans.On 27 April 2021, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Israel and Jordan illustrated existing civi protection plans to cope with earthquake risk and on 20 May they will illustrate existing inter-institutional prevention and preparedness arrangements to face the possible consequences of devastating floods.

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