PPRD and HIP FEWS together against floods

PPRD and HIP FFEWS another EU funded project focusing on Jordan, Israel and Palestine, worked together during a HIP FEWS organised workshop on floods, on the 1st of June.

This workshop which gathered representatives from meteorological services and disaster management authorities aimed firstly at shortly update partners on the project agenda, reminding the data-sharing scheme and global architecture of the Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) under the HIP FEWS project. The objective was also to collect more details on current alert communication schemes in both Jordan and Palestine, to tailor the FEWS to existing capacities and needs expressed by partners, before equipment’s installation.  

The workshop has been a success with constructive participation from both Meteorological and Hydrological area but as well Disaster Management partners which is promising for the continuation of activities. The PPRD team also shared guidelines, tools and events on EWS that could be of great support for the implementation of the FEWS. 

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